I was born in Israel in 1968 and lived there until I moved to Denmark in 1997 to live with my Danish girlfriend (now wife).

We have a son and a daughter. I studied Jewish studies for a year at a religious college, history and philosophy for a couple of years at the Hebrew University and I took my BA and MA degrees in Denmark at Roskilde University (in history) and Aarhus University (in cognitive semiotics). I wrote my MA-thesis on confiscation of Jewish books in Germany 1509-10, and my PhD-dissertation on attacks on Bibles in early modern England.

My research areas are:

  • The material book and religious thinking
  • Religious criticism, irreligion and impiety
  • History of the Bible
  • Miracles and wonders
  • Christian conceptions of Jews and Judaism

In my research, I approach religious, intellectual and ideational currents in the early modern world by looking at books as a primary cultural object. By focusing on the book as a meaningful object and a significant technology, rather than simply a cultural text, I recover ideas, emotions and behaviour that are often overlooked or marginalized. In other words, I am looking for signs of how early modern thinking worked in unusual places; not where ideas are openly and rationally formulated, but where ideas are enacted when human beings meet books.

I am currently working on the last chapter of a monograph on the significance and meaning of books that survived fire in early modern Germany. The book reassess how early modern Lutherans treated, narrated and deliberated on the inexplicable fact that some books, made of combustible material, tended to survive accidental fires and intentional burning.

Sep 2016- Associate Professor, SAXO-Institute, history, University of Copenhagen
2013-2016 Assistant Professor, SAXO-Institute, history, University of Copenhagen
2012-2013 External Lecturer, SAXO-Institute, History, University of Copenhagen
2011-2012 External Lecturer, ToRS, Hebrew, University of Copenhagen
2010-2011 External Lecturer, Institute for Culture and History, Roskilde University
2006-2009 PhD-researcher, Institute for Culture and History, Roskilde University
2000-2005 MA in history and cognitive semiotics, Roskilde University and Aarhus University
1998-2003 Information officer, WAITRO (World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations)
1995-1996 Studying history and philosophy at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
1992-1997 Technical assistant at Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd. (Israel)
1987-1990 Military service in the intelligence corps of the IDA
1986-1987 Studying at Yeshivat Ein Zurim, Israel (a religious college)

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